My name is Sam Eaton. I’m based in New Hampshire with my wife and daughter. Several years ago, I dove into the world of digital media management because I had a passion to master the power of modern media. It’s an incredible experience to help people outline their goals, craft a solid strategy and then see them exceed their own expectations again and again. I take pride in my ability to advise people who have big dreams and see them succeed with social media using innovative strategies.

I’ve worked with some extraordinary people including Emmy-winning journalist Ben Swann and renowned entrepreneur Frank Edelblut. I have also helped brands like Softubs of Maine navigate the vast world of social media advertising.

I also believe that it’s vital to be involved in the local community. I was elected to serve on my town’s budget committee in 2010 and was honored to be named the committee’s chairman in 2015. My town has been develop creative measures to stabilize the tax rate and I am proud to be able to take part.