Good News! I am Taking on Additional Clients

– But Space Is Limited –

I am taking on new clients and offering a free breakout session.
As I mentioned above space is very limited so I can give my clients the absolute best results possible.

My Digital Analysis and Coaching is for Small Business Owners and Social Media Managers Who:


Need someone to take a fresh look at their digital properties.


Don’t have a comprehensive plan for their digital properties

Want to improve their social media presence.

Are sick and tired of wasting time and money on digital strategies that are not working.


Let’s face it: you are a small business owner and you don’t have time to spend thousands of hours to try to figure out what works and doesn’t work on ever-changing social media platforms. You may not be in the place to hire a fulltime digital director, or you may not have a budget for outsourcing your social media management to an overpriced marketing firm. You wear so many different hats already as a boss, accountant, salesperson, customer relations manager, social media manager, website updater, and on and on and on the list goes. You don’t have time to break down your social media analytics.

You may have already spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours working hard updating your social media properties. You most likely tweet or post to Facebook and Instagram and pray that someone will see your post, never mind make a sale or drive customers to your business. That strategy is what I call “Hope and Pray Marketing”. I have had many clients in your shoes.

I also know that you may have assigned social media updating to a younger employee because they “know the internet.” This may be useful in making sure your social media properties are updated regularly, but it’s important to ask yourself: how many sales are they creating with those posts? How many customers are they bringing into your shop because of their posts? How many online sales are they creating?

Wouldn’t be nice to know your posts will be seen, and to know that you can attract customers and sales with your posts? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you were to actually see a return on your efforts?

Of course it would. If you are ready to turn your social media properties around fill out the form below to request a free break out session.


How it Works

With my Digital Analysis Program, I will personally dive into each one of your businesses’ social media properties, as well as your website, to evaluate what you are doing correctly as well as what you can do differently to gain more customers, make more sales and build a following that wants to interact with your business.

How do I do that? I log into social media accounts and take a look at your posts, your ads, your tweets, the images you used, the text of your posts, and all the data that goes along with that. This is a hands-on analysis that once finished, will clearly lay out actionable items for you to address immediately so you can make the changes you need to be successful.

I will create an easy to follow, step-by-step plan explaining how to make changes to what you are currently doing so that you can attract more customers in the same amount of time you are spending on social media now.

We will then have 8 weeks of follow-up calls to make sure you are on track to meet your long term goals. We work hand in hand to make sure you are following the plan, have lasting results and reach or exceed your goals. This is probably the most important part. Most agencies will charge you an arm and leg just for the plan and never follow up.

Let me be clear: this plan is crafted specifically for you. This is not a cut and paste plan like the others. Remember, this plan also comes with 8 weeks of follow up calls to make sure you are getting the most out of your social media properties.

Dive into your website and social media propeties and conduct a complete evalution. I will pin point what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

I will create and present to you an easy to follow step-by-step plan that will super-charge your digital properties. This is not a cookie cutter plan! It is developed to fit your specific goals, budget and time frames.


The plan will be followed-up with 8 weeks of coaching. I will hold your feet to the fire and make sure you are hitting your digital goals. During this 8 weeks we will also tweak your strategy to make sure you have a long lasting easy to implement plan.

Application Process

Don’t worry, there are no weird pressure sales involved. This is a call to see how I can help your business get out of a social media rut. You will walk away with some ideas on how to better your social media properties. But if you decide you need more help we will discuss how to move forward and how you can get your complete Digital Analysis and 8 weeks of coaching. I don’t offer my full Digital Analysis and 8 weeks of coaching to everyone. Space is limited, and I can only work with people where professional compatibility exists..

So, if this sounds interesting to you please schedule a breakout session by filling out the form at the bottom of this page and you will have access to the application form. If it looks like we might be a good fit to work together I will contact you to confirm the date and time for your free breakout session. Don’t worry, this is not a high pressure sales call, this is a call for us to get to know each other and see if I can help you start making the most of your social media properties.

I do want you to make the most out of your breakout session so I have a few guidelines:

You must have at least one social media property or website up and running. Ideally you will have several social media properties up and running along with a website.

You must be willing to start making the changes and start immediately. The digital world is a fast paced world and the sooner you make these changes, the sooner you will see results. And results are what we are looking for right?


You must be an individual in the business that is in charge of making decisions. I want you to start seeing results and start seeing sales as fast as possible. The digital world waits for no one. So if you are the one in charge of making decisions, and you want to see results, this call is for you.

What Are People Saying?

Sam has a remarkable ability to design and implement effective digital management strategies. Under his management my social media reach has been outstanding, resulting in an expansive and attentive audience. Sam possesses the expertise to lead talented individuals to a commanding digital presence

Ben Swann

Emmy-Winning Journalist

I came to Sam with an extensive list of goals that I wanted to achieve in 2016. Sam worked with me through every objective I had and crafted a customized, innovative strategy that was easy to follow. With thanks to Sam, my Facebook page came alive, dominated my competitors and I quickly saw increased online activity that translated to success out in the “real world.”

Frank E.

Angel Investor - Entrepreneur

I have worked with Samuel for 3 years. He is one of best in the industry and gets stellar results for his clients. He always go above and beyond. He helped me launch my career in digital marketing and strategy by teaching and giving me real time coaching feedback. It’s a pleasure working with him!!!

Josh C.

Digital Marketer

When I first began using social media for advertising my company, I wasn’t quite sure how to make the most of it. I came to realize that that my current game plan was not working. I met with Sam and he provided a more efficient strategy that required me to make only a few simple changes. After following his guidance and spending about $200 on ads, I landed $12,000 in sales and learned how to most effectively use social media.

Kayla H.

Owner, Softubs of Maine

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